Unilever Machine Operator-Tub Line Operator in Manggahan Pasig, Philippines

Machine Operator-Tub Line Operator



Responsible for his/her officially assigned Tub Filling Line with the following composition: Tub Filling Machine, Ice Cream Freezers, Fruit Feeders.


  • Responsible for preparing Materials to be used in his/her Line. + Prepare the Material Issuance Authority (MIA) based on the material requirements provided in the MUFPR document of the scheduled batch.

  • Request, on time, all necessary Raw and Packaging Materials from the Production Services (PS) Team to be used in his/her respective Line.

  • Receive raw/packaging materials issued by PS and conduct checks on general quality and quantity. Inform PS for any deviation.

  • Responsible in setting-up assigned Tub Line for production based on Product and Process Standards.

  • Ensure correct, proper and safe correlation of main equipment, accessories, pipe fittings, and utility connections.

  • All parts of the Set-up are properly cleaned and sanitized, e.g. COP and CIP, to pass Swab Tests.

  • Conduct checks to ensure equipment, stations, accessories and parts are working properly and safely.

  • Set and check operating conditions of Hardening Tunnel to be used, noting temperature and speed settings. Inform Utility or Factory Maintenance Team for any deviations.

  • Coordinate to Jet Printer Operator the correct Batch and Alpha Codes for the products to be produced.

  • Coordinate with 3P Foreman On-duty for the End-of-Line Packing requirement of his/her Line.

  • Operate assigned Tub Filling Line and vital accessories to generate products within the Quality, Safety and Efficiency Standards of the Factory.

  • Ensure correct usage and consumption of materials such as mouthfills, ripples, sauces etc., during the production run.

  • Monitor settings and running conditions of the assigned Tub Filling Line.

  • Provide immediate corrective adjustments to avoid quality and efficiency losses.

  • Monitor and record Line Efficiency Losses

  • Conduct and record Quality Checks within the duration of each run.

  • Quantitative: Cover a minimum of 5 readings per batch on Overrun, Total Gross Weight (relating to Fill Level), Product Components’ Weights, Pre and Post Hardening Temperatures, and others.

  • Qualitative: Random checking of Mouthfill Distribution, Packaging Integrity and Final Product Appearance.

  • Responsible for the timely, accurate and complete accomplishment of the following records and documents,

  • Product Quality Monitoring Sheet (PQM)

  • Tub Line Operator’s Report

  • Immediately report any incident concerning safety, quality and efficiency encountered in the Line to his superior or any Factory Management staff. Document by filing in his/her Operator’s Report.

  • Coordinate immediately any equipment breakdown to the Factory Maintenance (FM) Team for prompt corrective actions. Assist FM Team in breakdown repair activities.

  • Conduct proper close-out activities after each production run,

  • Correct and safe shutdown of all equipment and accessories.

  • Dismantle and clean all appropriate parts and fittings.

  • Collect, account and record all excess raw and packaging materials; documented in Return MIA and returned to PS in good quality condition.

  • Submit PQM and Operator’s Report to Production Office for consolidation.

  • Observe compliance to all Policies and Procedures on Quality, Consumer Safety and Manufacturing Hygiene, including policies on Dry Floors, clean walls, ceilings, machines and maintaining good housekeeping of the area.


  • Bachelor’s degree, any course or relevant education

  • Previous experience in Manufacturing preferably in foods

  • Willing to work on shifting schedule, holidays and weekends

  • Willing to be assigned in Manggahan, Pasig

Job: Supply Chain

Primary Location: Philippines-Philippines (Region Level)-Manggahan Pasig-Mangahan

Schedule: Full-time

Shift: Day Job

Unposting Date: Mar-28-2018

Req ID: 18000310