RELX Group Quality Supervisor I in Philippines

Quality Supervisor I


Location: Philippines

  1. Responsiblefor managing the quality assurance team

  2. Ensurethat the team is sufficiently staffed to meet audit requirements

  3. Ensurethat the team meets all the agreed KPIs for transaction monitoring

  4. LeadQuality Assurance meetings

  5. Leadinternal and external Calibration process

  6. LeadRoot Cause Analysis. Analyze gaps reported in the monitoring processand identify training and development needs of staff and (where relevant)deliver training with the assistance of the training department

  7. Createand maintain a culture of teamwork, engage team and other functions toensure one has good understanding of business process and resolvingoperational issues. This may also include participate in customervisit, training and business meetings.

  8. Supportorganizational improvement efforts to drive out cost inefficiencies,improve operational excellence, and bring about standardization andalignment

  9. Supportthe creation and review of audit evaluation guidelines, forms andmethodology

  10. PerformQuality Assurance of QA and vendor audits. Check and analyzetransactions to ensure accuracy, consistency and satisfaction, as well asensure that quality standards are met.

  11. PresentMonthly, Quarterly and Yearly Operations Quality performance, and leadOperations review.

  12. Coordinatewith key stakeholders, SMEs and Process Experts for process updates andalignment.

  13. Trainand mentor Quality Assurance staff

  14. Lead,design and conduct process audits and continuous improvement events

  15. Implementvarious process and quality improvement initiatives.

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience

  • Strong written and verbal communication, problem solving, project management and delegation skills.

  • At least 2-3 years of experience in a Supervisory role

  • At least 2-3 years of experience as Quality Analyst

  • Experienced in coaching, motivating, coordinating and providing guidance to teams and/or individuals involved in servicing customer or content operations

  • Excellent time management and prioritization skills. Demonstrate problem solving and decision making ability within a competitive customer facing service operation/environment